No Handles - No Wasted Water

INSTANT-OFF Water Saver Faucets is the "Complete Solution" to eliminate wasted water and reduce cross-contamination at Hand-Wash sinks and in Restrooms. Our faucets are beautiful, durable and cost 65% less than infrared faucets or knee pedals.


These high quality faucets have No Handles so there's no way to waste water and the water temperature is pre-set below the sink at the valves.


INSTANT-OFF Water Saver Faucet kits include everything you need, only take 15 minutes to install and are unconditionally guaranteed with a 3 year warranty.


Benefits of Patented Hydraulic Technology:

  • Reduces the Spread of Germs Caused By Touching Faucet Handles.

  • Eliminates Wasted Water by Automatically Shutting Off the Water When Hands are moved.

  • Replaces Aerator On ANY Faucet and installs directly onto threaded pipe (with special adapter).

  • Costs 85% Less Than Infrared faucets or Foot-Pedals or Knee Controls.

  • No Batteries, No Electricity, No Sensors.

  • Stops Drippy Faucets

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