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Our countertop filtration systems are available in different sizes and capacities. They include a precise ratio of GAC (granular activated carbon) and KDF® 55, which combine to remove chlorine and most EPA-listed contaminants that are found in municipal water, improving its taste and color and eliminating its odor.



easy200 Chrome-Plated Countertop Filter System with Replaceable Cartridge



A fully portable counter top model that is light, compact and economical. It can be easily installed directly to the tap and disconnected in seconds. All fittings and adaptors provided, including a universal fitting to attach to any tap. Simply unscrew aerator of current tap in your house, and screw in provided fitting which then connects to the provided diverter. This allows one to divert flow of water through the easy200 for filtered water, or straight through tap for when wanting unfiltered water eg. washing dishes etc



Great for people who live in rented properties, or those who own a caravan, motorhome or yacht. Move easily from vehicle to home during peak and low seasons. Takes up minimal space on countertop. Comes with an assortment fo connectors and adaptors for most kitchen taps. Merely replace the GAC/KDF cartridge every 18 – 24 months.



Merely remove aerator in end of kitchen faucet, replace with an H2O aerator fitting, and connect the diverter valve. If your tap does not have an aerator or one which is not removable, then a universal fitting with a jubilee clamp is provided too. Installation guide is included with the purifier.


  • 20.000 Liter filtration capacity
  • 6 stage proprietary filtration cartridge which includes replaceable pre-filter.
  • Installs in minutes without tools, fits any faucet, adapters included
  • Bacteriostatic media: Prevents bacteria growth (algae, fungi)
  • Reduces most EPA listed contaminants including chlorine
  • Improves taste and color and eliminates odors.
  • ECO friendly with replaceable KDF/GAC cartridge.



EUR 259,00   SKU:easy200-RCT-CP Countertop waterfilter (in stock)


EUR 119,00     SKU:easy200-GAC/KDF Replacement cartridge



Included: Faucet adapter kit, housing wrench, 2 extra sediment pre-filters

21% IVA incl.


Prefilter Repleaceable Prefilter included
faucet adapter Faucet adapter included
Specifications sheet

easy250 Deluxe Countertop Filter with Swivel Spout


  • 5-stage filtration and purification system with sealed construction includes KDF and GAC media
  • 45.000 liter capacity
  • Installs in minutes without tools
  • Fits any faucet, includes adapters
  • Compact, light and economical
  • Chromed swivel spout
  • Bacteriostatic media prevents bacteria growth (algae, fungi)
  • ideally suited for vacation rental homes and boats.





EUR 259,00   SKU:easy250-CT4 Countertop waterfilter (in stock)


Included: Faucet adapter kit.

Optional 5 Micron sediment prefilter is available for €15,00

21% IVA incl.




All of our Drinking Water Systems combine Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and KDF® 55 technology to improve the taste, color and odor of the water by removing most of the chlorine as well as reducing most EPA-listed contaminants from municipal water.

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