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After the INSTANT-OFF is installed, can I leave the water on all the time?

Yes. Once the INSTANT-OFF is installed you may leave the COLD water on all the time. We recommend ALWAYS TURNING OFF THE HOT WATER when its not needed. The INSTANT-OFF is a pressure fitting. Once it is installed tightly to the faucet and there are no drips on the outside of the housing the INSTANT-OFF will never pop off the faucet. The exception to this rule is on Boats and RV's where plumbing standards are not enforced and all fitting in the plumbing system have not been proerly glued or soldered. ALWAYS turn off the water when leaving your Boat or RV. The INSTANT-OFF will never fail but we can't make the same claim for your plumbing system.



Are there replacement parts sold for the INSTANT-OFF?

NO. The replacement parts are small and difficult to install. All INSTANT-OFF are Unconditionally Guaranteed for One Year. During the first year, the INSTANT-OFF saves so much water that the money saved in most cases is 3-8 times more than the original purchase price of the INSTANT-OFF. When an INSTANT-OFF wears out, recycle the metal and plastic parts and purchase a new one.



Can an INSTANT-OFF be installed directly onto threaded pipe?

YES. All you need is the right adapter for the INSTANT-OFF. Adapters are available through our distributors or can be purchased online through this website. You will need to know the exact diameter of the pipe and whether the threads on the pipe are male or female.



Can I make the water run continuously like it does without an INSTANT-OFF?

Yes. Certain INSTANT-OFF HOME Series models have an overide to allow the water to run continuously. ECO, VS-CFO, SR-CFO and LR-CFO all have continuous flow overrides. All PRO Series commercial models are On/Off Only.



Do you make commercial models of the INSTANT-OFF?

YES. Our commercial models are called INSTANT-OFF PRO Series and INSTANT-OFF NO HANDLES Faucets. Over 400,000 INSTANT-OFF are now used in commercial facilities.



How can I make sure the INSTANT-OFF will fit my faucet?

The INSTANT-OFF will fit on any faucet in the world that has an aerator or directly onto threaded pipe using a spoecial adapter. The adapter that comes with the INSTANT-OFF fits most faucets including Grohe, American Standard, Roca and many others. If the INSTANT-OFF does not fit your faucet then you may need an adapter. Other size adapters are sold at all hardware stores and home improvement centers.



How do I activate Continuous Water Flow on an INSTANT-OFF?

Grab the INSTANT-OFF rod and push it gently upward (with the rod still vertical) toward the faucet. Then twist the rod slightly in either direction. To Stop the Water: Twist the rod in either direction.



How do I clean my INSTANT-OFF?

Cleaning an INSTANT-OFF is easy. Everytime you clean your bathroom or kitchen counter you spray the INSTANT-OFF rod with the same cleaner. Then use a paper towel to clean the INSTANT-OFF rod. Every six months we suggest unscrewing the INSTANT-OFF and soaking it in vinegar for 30-60 minutes. This will disolve any calcium or hard particles and extend the INSTANT-OFF's life. Rinse throughly then re-install.



How do I install the INSTANT-OFF?

1. Simply unscrew your old aerator and screw in the INSTANT-OFF.

2. Turn water on, set to desired temperature and leave on.*

3. Just push the rod for water and release to instantly turn the water off.

*Please see this related FAQ: "After the INSTANT-OFF is installed, can I leave the water on all the time?"



How does INSTANT-OFF save so much water?

INSTANT-OFF is so effective because it instantly shuts-off the water everytime it's not needed. INSTANT-OFF eliminates wasted water without having to break old habits. The water savings are immediate. An average family can save 30.000 – 50.000 Liters per year. Depending on where you live that could save you EUR 100 - 200 a year. In a commercial facility in the USA INSTANT-OFF has saved as much as 67 Million Gallons of water in ONE YEAR — an annual savings over more than $110,000.



How is the water temperature controlled with an INSTANT-OFF?

Water temperature is still controlled by the faucet handles. In most situations, water coming out of the INSTANT-OFF will be whatever the temperature the water is in the pipes in your walls or ceiling depending on the plumbing in your home or business.



How long will my INSTANT-OFF work?

The INSTANT-OFF is Unconditionally Guaranteed for One Year. In most cases, the INSTANT-OFF will work for 2-5 years. The life of the INSTANT-OFF is not determined by how many times the rod is pushed but by the quality of water that is coming through the pipes. The softer the water the longer the INSTANT-OFF works. The more chemicals or hard minerals in the water the shorter the life of the INSTANT-OFF. Harsh chemical like chlorine and iron oxide ruin the O-rings over time.



How many years have you been making the INSTANT-OFF?

We have been making the INSTANT-OFF in Clearwater, Florida, since 1991. Since then over 2,000,000 INSTANT-OFF Water Savers have been sold saving several Billion of Gallons of water per year. There are now 10 models of the INSTANT-OFF to fit any application. We also make beautiful NO HANDLES Faucets for commercial use.

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